taking your Bible reading to the next level

Having trouble reading the Bible and getting much out of it.  Here are a couple of pointers to maximizing the time that you spend reading the Bible.

Know what you are reading. Who wrote this book?  Who are they writing it to?  What was the original purpose?  These are all questions that help you to understand the context of the book and how to apply it to your life

Read it again.  Did you really understand what you just read?  If you are like me then you have a tendency to read things without actually comprehending what you are reading.  Admit it and read again.

Keywords. If a particular word is used over and over again, make a note of it.  Look at all of the things said about that word.  Clearly, the author is trying to draw the reader’s attention to that/those word/s.

Notes. Underlining, writing notes, etc is very good to actually absorbing what you are reading.

Have a mentor. Have someone who you can ask about any questions that you have regarding what you are reading.  Share with them what God is teaching you and be open to the fact that they may say that you read that incorrectly.  Please make sure this is someone who has been reading the Bible and walking with God for a decent amount of time.

Get a good commentary.  Having a commentary Bible allows you to understand more about the culture and context of what is being written and will often explain any language/translation issues that you should know about.  Just make sure this commentary is more focused on the Bible backgrounds and less on life application.  You can probably figure out how to apply it to your life but don’t know the seven Greek Words for easy.  Typically Bibles that say the leadership Bible, financial Bible, prophecy Bible are a little biased and focus more on helping you understand one aspect of the Bible.  Stay away from them for now.

Prayer.  Say a prayer before reading that God would speak to you.  Say one after that you would apply what you read to your life.

Memorize it. If a verse or verses really speaks to you; memorize it.  There is no greater way for the Word to change you than to make it a part of who you are.  After all David, told God “i have hidden your word in my heart, that i might not sin against you.”


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